Benefits of Wheelchair Headrest

What is Wheelchair Headrest

Wheelchair headrests are postural support devices intended to contact the posterior surface of the head. suboccipital areaA standard posterior headrests pad should be positioned in the suboccipital area with the goal to prevent excessive extension, rotation, or lateral flexion.

Benefits of Wheelchair Headrest

A properly fitting headrest is a crucial component of wheelchair positioning for ensuring a high quality of life for individuals. A wheelchair headrest can affect common activities and daily functions such as:

  • Socialization and communication
  • Safe swallowing
  • Respiration
  • Attention to task
  • Mobility
  • Improve position of the head
  • Support the head when the wheelchair is tilted or reclined
  • Diminish fatigue

Types of Wheelchair Headrest

Headrests with Single Pad

Wheelchair HeadrestSingle pad headrests often are used for individuals who require head support when using tilt/recline functions on wheelchairs. It also helps the user to maintain an upright posture of the head when passive or active lateral cervical flexion is present.

Headrests with 2 Pad

S.O.F.T. Single Sub-OccipitalThe sub-occipital pad is curved and can be adjusted independently of the occipital pad, which allows for posterior and proximal lateral support of the head and neck

Headrests with 3 Pad

S.O.F.T. Dual Sub-OccipitalWhen head and neck asymmetries are present, the use of a 3 pad headrest allows for independent adjustment of each sub-occipital and occipital pad, which maximise occipital and proximal lateral cervical support for more aggressive positioning.

Headrests with Anterior Support

Whitmyer Head UpBy having anterior and lateral stabilization of the shoulders and trunk, head control is optimized. This type of wheelchair headrest designed to maximize individual's interaction with their environment by providing anterior, posterior, and lateral support of the head and neck.


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