Mölnlycke Health Care Mepilex XT Foaming Dressing 10x10cm

Packaging: Piece


Mepilex® XT foam dressing is designed for moderate exuding wounds. It handles more fluid and absorbs fluid faster than other foam dressings. It's conformable and versatile – you can use it to treat wounds with normal and viscous fluids, during any exuding wound healing stages. Mepilex XT includes our Safetac® wound contact layer. Safetac protects new tissue and intact skin – so wounds remain undisturbed to support faster natural healing. And it seals the wound margins to protect skin from damaging leakage and maceration.

- Handles more fluid than other foam dressings.
- Absorbs fluid faster than other foam dressings.
- Manages low and high viscosity fluid. - so you can use it at any exuding wound-healing stage.
- Supports longer wear times, leading to fewer dressing changes, better compliance and lower overall cost of care. 

When to use Mepilex XT?
Mepilex XT is designed for a wide range of acute and chronic exuding wounds in all healing stages, such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and traumatic wounds.

How to use Mepilex XT
Watch how you easily apply our Mepilex XT dressing foam for exuding wounds.
1. Cleanse the wound in accordance with normal procedures. Dry the surrounding skin thoroughly. Remove the release films.

2. For best results, Mepilex XT should overlap the dry surrounding skin by at lease 1-2cm for the smaller sizes (sizes up to 12.5 x 12.5cm) and 5cm for the larger sizes in order to protect the surrounding skin from maceration and excoriation and fixate the dressing securely. If required, Mepilex XT can be cut to various wound shapes. Do not stretch. 

3. When necessary, secure Mepilex XT with a bandage or other fixation. 

Note that this is pre-order item. You will receive the item within 5 - 7 working days. 
Size 10cm x 10cm

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