Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator 5L/min

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Package Includes: Sterile Water + Humidifier Bottle + Nasal Cannula
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Yuwell 7F-5 Oxygen Concentrator 5L per min
  • Complete plastic outer shell, safe and reliable
  • Timing accumulating function - show total working hours through the display screen
  • Press safety valve help ensure better security

Yuwell 7F-5 Oxygen Concentrator smart alarm function

  • Power failure alarming function - high pressure and low pressure alarming function
  • Compressor has heat protection feature that ensures the safety of the compressor and concentrator

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Yuwell 7F-5 Oxygen Concentrator features

Yuwell 7F-5 Oxygen Concentrator I-stage filter

Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator 5L/min x 1
Bubble Humidifier Bottle x 1
Disposable Nasal Oxygen Cannula x 1

Oxygen Flow 0.5-5L/min 
Oxygen Concentration 95.5%±4
Output Pressure 40-70kPa
Pressure Relief Mechanism Operational at 250kPa±25kPa
Operation Noise Level ≤53dB(A)
Input Power 500VA
Minimum Operating Time 30 minutes
Power Supply
AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Weight 28kg

Inclusive of 1-time on-site basic servicing within 1 year from the date of purchase.

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