Kaye Walker with 4 Wheels B Frame

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Model: W1/2BR (For Small Child)
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Kaye Posture Control Four Wheel Walker For Small Children allows users to roll the walkers forward as they shift their own weight forward. It comes equipped with one-way ratchet rear wheels, to help prevent the walker from rolling backward and away from the user. This walker helps improve cadence, velocity, energy use and step and stride length.

- Designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve postural alignment and maximize the potential for walking
- Latex-free handgrips with flanged ends help align the user's arms
- Facilitates postural alignment, balance, and components of gait
- Folds for easier storage and transportation
- Moves forward with each step
- Helps simulate a stance-swing pattern so that the person walks safely with more normal reciprocal rhythm
    Model W1/2BR W1BR
    For Small Child Child
    Height to top of handle (Floor to Mid-buttocks) 14.5" to 20" 16.5-22”
    Distance inside handles (WxD) 9"x13.5" 9"x13.5"
    Depth from Front of Grip to Rear Bar 9" 9"
    Weight Limit 27kg (60 lbs) 27kg (60 lbs)

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