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Skin care

Skin care
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3M Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream

Features: Concentrated, therapeutic cream that provides durable, long-lasting protecti..

S$14.50 Ex Tax: S$14.50

3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film Out Of Stock

3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film

Features: Alcohol-free liquid barrier film that protects intact or damaged skin from bodiy ..

S$24.70 Ex Tax: S$24.70

Aquagel Lubricating Jelly (Tube)

" AquaGel Lubricating Jelly Product Features: Water soluable lubricating jelly. Does n..

S$5.50 Ex Tax: S$5.50

Aqurea Moisturing Cream - 100g

Features: Provides lasting relief from eczematous dry, scaling conditions Suitable for ..

S$9.10 Ex Tax: S$9.10

Aqurea Moisturing Cream - 500g

" Features: Provides lasting relief from eczematous dry, scaling conditions Suitable for..

S$30.00 Ex Tax: S$30.00

Baritex Hand & Body Cream

Features: Useful for preventing nappy and urinary rash, bedsores and sores due to colostomy..

S$8.50 Ex Tax: S$8.50

Comfy Care Wet Wipes -20%

Comfy Care Wet Wipes

Features:Alcohol-freeFragrance-freepH 5.5Extra large, soft and gentlePackaging:40 pcs / packetwipe d..

S$2.50 S$2.00 Ex Tax: S$2.00

HospiCare Wipes 40R

Features:5.5 pHSoft and gentle to skinExtra thick and large towelAdded with Aloe Vera to help condit..

S$3.20 Ex Tax: S$3.20

HR Lubricating Jelly - 56.5gm

" Features: Clear, non-greasy and water soluble Eliminates friction discomfort and helps..

S$4.30 Ex Tax: S$4.30

Menalind Body Lotion (Care)

" Features: Intensive care for irritated elderly skin due to incontinence and bed confinemen..

S$13.30 Ex Tax: S$13.30

Menalind Transparent Skin Protection Cream (Protect)

" Features: With oil-restoring and moisture-replenishing ingredients especially formula..

S$18.00 Ex Tax: S$18.00

Menalind Wash Lotion (Clean)

" Features: Mild cleaning for elderly skin that is irritated due to incontinence and bed con..

S$9.50 Ex Tax: S$9.50

Secura Extra Protective Cream

" Features: With unique combination of effective skin protectants, moisturizing agents and a..

S$15.30 Ex Tax: S$15.30

Secura Moisturizing Cleanser

" Features: No rinse, one-step cleaning Contains Aloe and Glycerin to condition, soothe ..

S$14.05 Ex Tax: S$14.05

Secura Protective Cream

" Features: Skin protectant Helps treat and prevent diaper dermatitis Protects minor..

S$14.05 Ex Tax: S$14.05