Breaking Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

In view of the Government’s recent upgrading of #COVID19 DORSCON to orange, DNR Wheels has decided to implement the following measures:

1. There will be temperature screening for all visitors, contractors, delivery men etc. before entering the building.
2. If your temperature is unacceptable, you will not be allowed to enter the premises & advised to consult a doctor.
3. All customers who visit our premises are required to sanitize your hands before entry. Hand sanitizing liquid will be provided at the entrance of our showroom.
4. We have also stepped up our cleaning and sanitization frequency.
5. The back gate of the building is closed until further notice. Visitors place use the main entrance to enter the building. 

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Precautions that you can take:
Remain calm and vigilant. Continue to play your part by being socially responsible and practicing good personal hygiene habits. Wash your hands regularly, refrain from touching your face, cover your mouth & nose with tissue when coughing/sneezing and dispose of it immediately, avoid sharing food, utensils and personal items. If you are unwell, wear a mask and consult a doctor immediately.