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Power wheelchair & Scooter

We service and repair all components of power wheelchairs and scooters, including the primary components, which include the battery, motor, controller, and wheels. If your wheelchair has suddenly stopped working, we can diagnose the problem, and order the appropriate parts.

You are encouraged to contact us if your wheelchair is in need of service. We recognize how vital mobility is for our customers and we are dedicated to providing prompt service. Typically, service can be completed in just a couple of hours, and we are often able to schedule a repair mere days after your initial contact. Rest assured, you won't be without your power wheelchair or scooter for long.

Routine Preventive Care

To help prevent the need for unexpected service or repair, we recommend that your wheelchair or scooter undergo routine maintenance. Very much like a car, your powered wheelchair is made up of many moving components, all of which can fatigue over time and fail. By maintaining and replacing these components at regular intervals, you can extend the life of your power wheelchair or scooter and avoid unwanted failures. Among the components that we service include:

                  • Batteries
                  • Joysticks
                  • Controllers
                  • Motors
                  • Tires and wheels
                  • Battery Chargers
                  • Arm Rests

Give your power wheelchair the care that it deserves; after all, it is the very thing that provides you with your mobility and freedom.