SoftWheel™ for Wheelchairs
The Acrobat™

Keep your momentum

On smooth terrain The Acrobat’s™ innovative Adaptive Rigidity™ technology keeps the wheel’s 3 shocks perfectly rigid like spokes. When encountering a bumpy surface, they automatically transform into soft and responsive shocks. With less energy lost to frame vibration and reduced impact to the rider’s body, The Acrobat™ offers a superior riding experience.

Going down curbs is easier with SoftWheel

Comfortable wearing feeling

Go where you’ve never thought possible with The Acrobat’s™ unique In-Wheel Suspension™. The Acrobat’s™ suspension arms absorb more impact than traditionally suspended wheels. The shocks remain perfectly rigid over flat terrain, yet offer unparalleled cushioning to on bumpy pavement or off-road, to go up or down curbs and travel further.

Dress It Up

Bold, beautiful and precision-engineered to last. The iconic in-wheel shock absorbers offer a truly unique style. Whether made from aluminum, magnesium or carbon fiber, SoftWheels are guaranteed to turn heads day or night.

Soft wheel vs. regular wheel

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