AquaGel Lubricating Jelly 42g


  • Product Description

      Aquagel Lubricating Jelly is a transparent, grease-less, water soluble sterile jelly which spreads easily and adheres well. Sterilised by gamma radiation. it will not damage human tissue, instruments, rubber or metal. Aquagel is a sterile, universal lubricant recommended for use in gynaecological, digital and instrument examinations and general hospital procedures.

      It is water-soluble and Aquagel will not damage human tissue, rubber or metal. Sterile until opened.

      Directions for use:
      1. Before use, unscrew cap and check that seal is intact.
      2. Reverse cap and pierce seal.
      3. Wash hands
      4. Squeeze tube for required amount
      5. Replace cap after use