AquaTilt Pool & Shower Wheelchair



AquaTilt Pool Wheelchair overviewClick here for interactive3d

AquaTilt Pool Wheelchair with pool hoist

"I use AquaTilt with a pool hoist"

AquaTilt Pool Wheelchair with award winning poolpod"I use AquaTilt with the award-winning poolpod"

AquaTilt Pool Wheelchair with ramp or beach"I use AquaTilt with a ramp or beach"

AquaTilt Pool Wheelchair with platform lift or movable pool floor"I use AquaTilt with platform lift or movable pool floor"

AquaTilt Pool Wheelchair for all user
- Tilting up to 30 degrees.
- Comfortable platform for users with higher dependency. One size fits all – Adult and Child modes.
- Adjustable seat, back and leg supports.
- AquaParallel completely clear path for parallel transfers: for swimming pool, showering and other wet environments.
- Concealed restraints
- 5 point harness system with additional leg restraints.
- Flip up arm rests
Click here for interactive3d

AquaTilt Pool Wheelchair dimensionsAquaTilt Pool Wheelchair dimensions

Weight 30kg 
Dimensions 100 × 55 × 45 cm

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