Bodypoint - Trimline Rear Pull Shoulder Harness


  • Product Description

      Trimline Rear Pull Shoulder Harness
      For those with shoulder retraction needs, the Trimline Shoulder Harness is a classic Bodypoint® design with unilaterally-adjustable padded straps that comfortably accommodate asymmetry. When worn in the “backpack style,” each shoulder can be independently controlled while keeping the chest clear. 

      The Bodypoint difference is the details:

      • Straps unbuckle behind the user’s shoulders, not on the chest
      • Independent pads move apart when a user leans forward, avoiding strangulation
      • Individual pads can be used together or singularly to more easily address asymmetrical positioning

      As always, a pelvic support should be worn with any anterior support product.

      Click on the link below to download product instructions.

      Shoulder Harness Product Instruction

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