Carryall & Cushion for ATTO Scooter (Black)


  • Product Description

      ATTO Carryall & Cushion is a smart solution that utilizes the free space under the seat for storage of considerable bulk and offers seat cushioning. 
      When called for, it simply slips off the ATTO seat and turned into a great, hand-carried carryall.  This item can be adapted to fit also with ATTO Padded Cushion attached to the seat. 
      ATTO Carryall & Cushion

      - Large storage space below the seat - Extra soft and breathable padding for the seat - Remove and carry easily using the integrated handles - Dedicated zipper connection for use with ATTO Padded Cushion - Bonus side safety reflectors
      Folded Dimensions 44 x 22 x 7cm
      17.32" x 8.66" x 2.76"
      Capacity 40L
      Weight 0.76kg (1.68 lbs.)