Fixed Walking Frame

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Walking frame or walker is suitable for those who are recuperating from leg or back injuries. It is also suitable for those who are having problems with walking or with mild balance problems.
✓ Made of lightweight aluminium grade 6000
✓ High-density PVC handgrips
✓ Non-foldable

Fitting your walking frame/walker
Fitting your walker  How to Adjust Walking Frame Height
Adjust your walker so that it fits your arms comfortably. This will reduce stress on your shoulders and back as you use the walker. To tell if your walker is the correct height, step inside your walker and:

1. Check your elbow bend.
Keeping your shoulders relaxed, place your hands on the grips. Your elbows should bend at a comfortable angle of about 15 degrees.

2. Check your wrist height.
Stand inside the walker and relax your arms at your sides. The top of the walker grip should line up with the crease on the inside of your wrist.
Height 31.9" - 38.6" (81 - 98cm)
Inner Width Front 10.6" (27cm)
Back 16.5" (42cm)
Overall Width 25" (65.3cm)
Overall Length 18.5" (47cm)
Weight Capacity 100kg
Product Weight 1.9kg
Country of Origin China

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