Gymnic Physio Ball

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Size: Red - 85cm
Add On: Without Pump
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This is the extra-large version of the Gymnic Classic ball. With its considerable size, it is ideal for couple or group activities. Also suitable for specific physiotherapy and balance exercises. As the assistance of a trainer is required during use, it promotes a trust relationship between patient and therapist.

 - Phthalate-free - conforms to Directive 76/769/EEC and 2005/84/EC
- Latex-free
- Gymnic PLUS-Quality - made of a new homogenous material that prevents sudden loss of pressure in case the ball is punctured with a sharp object
- For applications in therapy, sports and gymnastics
- Excellent dynamic performance; also recommended for extreme loads such as aerobic lessons or a sitting ball
Code Size
95.85 max Ø 85cm Red
95.95 max Ø 95cm Blue
95.98 max Ø 120cm Red

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