Size: HydroTilt mini


An all-round chair for posture, pressure, and comfort management in equal measure.

Carers and clients can rely on the HydroTilt, it is an accommodating all-round chair for posture, pressure and comfort. With an adaptable fit and Tilt-in-Space functionality, the HydroTilt is a good choice where posture and pressure management are of equal priority.


•WaterCell Technology for maximum pressure management in the seat and backrest.
•Independent tilting leg and footrests.
•Removable covers for easy clean and replacement.
•2 Braked castors.

Client groups

•Semi-ambulant and non ambulant.
•Frail and elderly.
•Neurological conditions (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular
 Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease).
•Cardiovascular conditions.
•Orthopaedic conditions.


 Seat width: 600mm to 650mm (60cm to 65cm)
 Seat depth:  380mm to 530mm (38cm to 53cm)
 Seat height: 560mm (56cm)
Max user weight:

75kg (small & mini)

160kg (medium & large)

Hip angle:  108°
Tilt-in-space: 8° to 30°
Leg rest angle:  65° to 165°


•Mini: Internal Seat Width 280/330/380/430mm
•Small: Internal Seat Width 280/330/380/430mm
•Medium: Internal Seat Width 350/400/450/500mm
•Large: Internal Seat Width 550/600mm


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