Iris LED Bubble Tube and Qube Bundle


  • Product Description

      The iRiS LED Bubble Tube and Qube Bundle is an interactive aid for developing Cause and Effect Gross Motor and Colour Recognition skills. Roll the Qube and the colour that is on the uppermost side of the Qube when it stops will determine the colour of the Bubble Tube and the recordable speaker will announce the colour or any message you choose to record. The user can develop skills whilst creating stunning visual effects with the iRiS LED Bubble Tube and Qube Bundle

      Our iRiS range is a series of wireless controllers which can be used to control all of our equipment including bubble tubes and fibre optics. Each controller has been specifically designed for special needs to help improve skills such as colour recognition, gross and fine motor skills.

      The bundle includes an iRiS LED Bubble Tube an iRiS Qube (200mm) and a Recordable Speaker and features a calming mode with slowly changing colours perfect for creating a relaxing environment.

      The iRiS Qube is powered by an integral 9v PP3 battery (supplied) and operates from a distance of up to 30m. The iRiS Lightsource operates on mains voltage transformed to low voltage. The Bubble Tube operates on a min voltage transformed to lower voltage.

      For added stability on tubes over 1.5m, we recommend using a Bubble Tube Bracket.