Iris LED Fiber Optic & Qube Bundle


  • Product Description

      Take control of the color in your life with the IRiS LED Fiber Optic Bundle, made up of an IRiS Qube and IRiS LED Fiber Optic Light Source and Strands.

      Roll the IRiS Qube, and whatever color is on the uppermost side of the Qube when it stops will determine the color of the fiber optics.

      This control is not limited to the IRiS Qube but also any other IRiS Talker (switch device).

      Completely wireless, IRiS switching products can be positioned anywhere within a room, to maximize the user's comfort and experience. The switch is called a Talker and the responsive equipment is called a Listener. So you can have one "Talker" linked to multiple pieces of "Listening" equipment.

      The tactile fiber optic can be laid across a person’s lap to create a close, hands-on experience.

      There is no electricity in fiber optic, only light, ensuring safety for the user.

      Operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v outlet.

      The unit is designed to be portable, but the light source must be kept out of reach.

      Adult supervision required.

      IRiS Qube: 8" x 8" x 8"
      Light source: 8¼" H x 6¼" W x 5" D 
      fiber optic: 78¾" x 100 strands