KALTOSTAT Alginate Rope 2gm (Piece)


  • Product Description

      KALTOSTAT® Alginate Rope is an external wound dressing designed to absorb exudate and protect the wound from contamination. KALTOSTAT® Alginate Rope is indicated as an external wound dressing for the local wound management of exuding cavity wounds such as pressure sores, venous stasis ulcers, arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers, lacerations, post-surgical wounds, and other external wounds inflicted by trauma.

      This dressing is not indicated for dry wounds or third-degree burns and is not intended for use as a surgical swab.

      Warnings and Precautions
      Infection: All wounds can be expected to contain some microorganisms. If, however, true clinical infection (fever, tenderness or redness in the area of the wound) should develop, appropriate steps, as defined by the attending physician, should be taken to address such infection. Regular evaluation and cleansing of an infected wound should be common practice. Use of KALTOSTAT® Alginate Rope may be continued, provided it is changed on a regular basis (at least daily while infection is present).

      Underlying Causes: Some wounds like leg ulcers and pressure sores can be “non-healing” unless steps are taken to correct the underlying pathology. KALTOSTAT® Alginate Rope is designed for local wound management and can be part of the overall management program for these types of wounds.

      Desiccation: KALTOSTAT® Alginate Rope is designed to create a moist environment that facilitates wound healing. If a KALTOSTAT® Alginate Rope has initially formed a gel that is allowed to dry out, removal from the wound can be difficult. If the gel dries out, moisten the dried dressing with saline to rehydrate it.

      The use of KALTOSTAT® wound dressings is not recommended for infants less than 12 months of age. This device is for single-use only and should not be re-used. Re-use may lead to increased risk of infection or cross contamination. Physical properties of the device may no longer be optimal for intended use.

      Gamma sterilized. Sterility is guaranteed unless package is torn or damaged prior to opening. Do not resterilize.