LED Fibre Optic Softie


  • Product Description

      The Calming LED Fiber Optic Softie is somewhat like fiber optic heaven. This product allows the user to sit comfortably on a beanbag with fiber optics to hold, look at, touch and feel creating a sense of peace, well-being and yet attentiveness.

      The Calming LED Fiber Optic Softie creates a great visual and tactile experience, and it can be used to calm and relax or stimulate depending upon whether the Calming or Superactive Model is purchased.

      The Calming Model provides a great place to relax by lying down and watching the colors slowly changing.

      The product includes a Softie Beanbag (53” diameter, 18” tall), a Calming Lightsource, a 150 strand x 2m Fiber Optic Sideglow, and a low voltage transformer.

      Operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v outlet.

      Adult supervision required.  Please specify the desired color when ordering.

      51” D x 18“ H
      All dimensions are approximate.