Metron Tilt Table with Tray (Ocean Blue)


Elite Tilt Table & 91433564
  • Product Description

      Height adjustable tilt table with two motors. One motor ensures effortless and
      smooth tilting; the other adjusts height and facilitates patient transfer.

      The Variable Height Tilt Table is the ideal standing aid for neuromotor revalidation and adaption exercises from lying to standing.

      Another area where it can be applied is general orthostatic examination, more specifically examination and treatment of vasovagal syncope.

      Standard with three straps. Standard model comes with a dual adjustable footplate. The tilt table also has a hoist access as standard and a quick release Trendelenburg positioning. It is fitted with an activity tray for extra working space for hand activities.
      Minimum Height:  51cm (20") 
      Maximum Height:  86cm (33.9")
      Cushion Width:  65cm (25.6")
      Leg Section Length:  190cm (74.8")
      Total Length (+ Footplate):  200cm (78.7")
      Lift Mechanism:  Electric
      Breathing Hole:  0
      Wheels:  4 Braked
      Tilting Mechanism:  Electric
      User Weight Rating:  205kg (451 lb)