Miki Nextroller Reclining Chair

MIKISKU: 91/MISCITEMS - Miki Nextroller 16



Reclining wheelchair with automatic-lifting seat height function
Japan new invention of reclining chair automatically lifts the seat height when reclining the backrest. It will help to remain the user at the optimum posture when reclining. It also helps to minimize the effort of the caregiver of adjusting the posture of the user after recline.
Besides, the 170° recline and elevating footrests allow the user to lie comfortably for sleeping and relax. 

✓ Alumimim frame grade 7003
✓ Rigid frame provides durability & stability
✓ High backrest with height-adjustable headrest for optimum support when reclined or in "sleeping" position
✓ Tension back to improve the posture of the user
✓ Equipped with lateral support to protect the user and prevent the user dropping from the chair ✓ Retractable lateral support for easy lateral transfer from bed to chair, chair to sofa, etc. 
✓ Dropdown armrest for easy lateral transfer from bed to chair, chair to sofa, etc.  ✓ Swing away and detachable footrest for transferring
✓ Elevating footrest for better blood circulation

✓ Height-adjustable push handle to compromise caregiver’s height
✓ Equipped with drum brake for the caregiver to stop the chair from the back

✓ Central lock system/foot brake for easy locking
✓ Removable upholsteries for cleaning

✓ 170° recline and elevating footrests allow the user to lie comfortably for sleeping and relax
✓ Caregiver able to perform supine transfer from chair to bed when the user is in "sleeping" position with the chair height lifted to 27" (68.6cm) from the ground
✓ Automatically lifts the seat height when reclining the backrest. This will helps to remain the user at the optimum posture.
✓ Seat lifting function is operated & supported by two durable hydraulic struts. It makes the chair easier to recline compared to other conventional reclining wheelchairs.
✓ Can be used as bed/stretcher in case of emergency
✓ This reclining chair functions like a slim geriatric chair with all the above added benefits

Suitable for:
✓ Individuals with poor posture and stability, difficult to sit upright on a wheelchair for long periods.
✓ Bedridden patient

We truly care about the safety of our customers and therefore, we will provide a freepersonalized onsite training session during delivery.

Seat Width:

17" (43.2cm)

Seat Depth:

15” - 17" (38.1 - 43.2cm)

Front Seat Height:

18.5” (47cm)

Floor to Chair Height (Lifted):  27" (68.6cm)

Rear Seat Height:

18” (45.7cm)

Back Height:

29" - 31.5" (73.7 - 80cm)

Rear Wheel:

16”x1.75" (40.6 x 4.5cm)

Front Wheel:

6” (15.2cm)

Recline Angle:


Overall Width:

22” (55.9cm)

Overall Depth:

40” (51” fully reclined)
(101.6cm) (129.5cm fully reclined)

Overall Height:

47“ - 49” (119.4 - 124.5cm)

Seat to Armrest Height:

6.75" (17.1cm)

Floor to Push Handle Height: Lowest: 40" (101.6cm)
Highest: 47" (119.4cm)



Weight Capacity:


Recline Angle: 100° - 170°


1 year on frame

Country of Origin:


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