Nestlé Nutren Diabetes Vanilla 237ML (24 Packets)


  • Product Description

      Nutren Diabetes Liquid is a nutritionally balanced diet specially formulated for the dietary management of individuals with impaired glucose tolerance. It can be used for both oral and tube feeding.
      ✓ Complete and balanced nutrition
      ✓ Each pack delivers 10.7g of protein, 4.5g of fibre and 240 kcal energy
      ✓ Low glycemic index of 26 ✓ Low osmolality of 293 mOsm/kg water ✓ Rich in fibre (100% soluble) ✓ Contains 50% high quality whey protein ✓ More than 60% of fat composition is Monounsaturated fatty acid which has valuable health benefits ✓ Lactose, sucrose and fructose free ✓ Vanilla flavour ✓ Suitable for oral or tube feeding patients
      Nutren Diabetes suitable for:
      ✓ Dietary management of diabetes mellitus type I and II
      ✓ Stress-induced hyperglycemia
      ✓ Meal replacement
      ✓ Impaired glucose tolerance

      Packaging: Carton of 24 pkts

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