Pigleo III Positioning Folding Stroller


Frame Size (Colour): S (Blue)


- PIGLEO III is for kids only and is transit wheelchair, which the back of the chair can be laid back down as a bed, or kids can be sit in a fixed natural position by safety harness.
- The tilt angle of front wheels can be adjusted up to 40° that is easily getting over the curbs.
- The max lying angle is 90°-120°.
- This wheelchair is also can be folded into a small size that can easily and conveniently be carried out.
- It attached anti-tippers that good for safety due to wheelchair will be backward sometimes.
- It equipped with attached accessories such as sunshade, rainproof, pillow, hip heel strap, elasticity body heel strap (M/S) and table board.  


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Size: S M L LL
Dimension (LxWxH): 89x62x115cm 94x62x114cm 104x67x123cm 114x67x142cm
Dimension (Folded): 62x45x95cm 62x45x95cm 67x45x103cm 62x45x101cm
Weight: 12.3kg 14.2kg 16.5kg 16.1kg
Weight Capacity: 30kg 30kg 45kg 60kg
Material: Aerial Aluminum Alloy
Tilt Angle: 40°
Recline Angle: 90°-120°


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