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Poolpod is a multi-award winning swimming pool lift, appropriate for new build facilities, and replacement of pool hoists in existing pools. The Poolpod pool platform lift was developed for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games and is now transforming pool access.
Poolpod pool lift OlympicDeveloped for London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games - Olympic Legacy - Poolpod at the iconic London Aquatic Centre Poolpod pool lift independentDignified & Independent - The user controlled pool lift Poolpod pool lift fast & simpleFast & Simple - Poolside to pool in as little as 20 seconds! Poolpod pool lift No More Poolside TransfersNo More Poolside Transfers - Pool side transfers are undignified and can be hazardous Poolpod pool lift battery poweredBattery Powered - Simple "Plug & Play" Installation Poolpod pool lift togethernessTwo Together - Critical for confidence and companionship
Poolpod pool lift Wristband Control
Wristband Control - Helps operators to manage safety

Wireless remote control - Improves safety and usability
For lifeguard monitoring and intervention when needed. Poolpod can be controlled by a lifeguard from anywhere in the poo hall. A lifeguard can check battery status and take over control of the lift if required. 

On board user controls - Positioned for wheelchair & ambulant users.

Chips access wristbands - Control via RFID proximity wristbands
Always available for those who need it yet safe to children and vulnerable people. The wristband system means that the lift can be left available in standby mode ready for any user to present their wristband.

Remote monitoring features - For operators to track statistics & track usage rates

50 cycles from a battery charge

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