Quickie Xenon 2 Lightweight Aluminium Folding Wheelchair

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Xenon²™ Series - Folding Wheelchair
Rides like a rigid, with the convenience of folding

Ultra lightweight folding frame is 7000 series aerospace aluminum. ShapeLoc Technology increases the frame's strength, allows for thinner tube walls, and decreases the overall weight.

The Xenon² Series - Available in 3 Models
The Xenon2 FF
Quickie Xenon 2 FF
The Xenon2 FF delivers an incredibly strong folding wheelchair frame that weighs as little as 19.4 lbs. It's the lightest wheelchair in its class*. Cool, clean, and streamlined design maximizes your speed and efficiency with every push.

Xenon2 Hybrid
Quickie Xenon 2 HybridFrom just under 20.9 lbs. and with a new unique cross-brace combined with the completely redesigned axle stem, the Xenon2 Hybrid wheelchair is easy to fold, lift, and transport.

Xenon2 SA
Quickie Xenon 2 SAAt just 22.7 lbs., with an innovative cross-brace and compact folding dimensions, the Xenon2 SA wheelchair is easy to fold, lift, and transport. The swing-away front frame enables easy standing transfers in and out of your wheelchair. The Xenon2 SA provides a lightweight folding wheelchair that's the ideal traveling companion for the active person.

* Class is defined as 7000 Series Aluminum Folding Wheelchair (North America)

Peerless Folding Performance
Quickie Xenon2 Peerless folding

Seat Width:
Fixed Front: 12.5" to 18" (32 to 46 cm)
Hybrid: 12.5" to 19.5" (32 to 50 cm)
Swing-Away: 12.5" to 19.5" (32 to 50 cm)
Seat Depth:
Fixed Front: 13.5" to 19.5" (34.3 to 50 cm)
Hybrid: 13.5" to 19.5" (34.3 to 50 cm)
Swing-Away: 13.5" to 19.5" (34.3 to 50 cm)
Front Seat-to-Floor Height:
Fixed Front: 17" to 21.5" (43 to 55 cm)
Hybrid: 17" to 21.5" (43 to 55 cm)
Swing-Away: 17" to 22" (43 to 56 cm)
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height:
Fixed Front: 14.5" to 19.5" (37 to 50 cm)
Hybrid: 14.5" to 19.5" (37 to 50 cm)
Swing-Away: 14.5" to 19.5" (37 to 50 cm)
Back Height:
9.8" to 18.7" (25 to 47.5 cm)
Back Angle Adjustment:
Fore (-) 15° to Aft (+) 13°
Lower Leg Length Setting:
8.6" to 17.7" (22 to 45 cm)
Frame Angle:

Center of Gravity (COG) Adjustment:
0.5" to 4.0" (1 to 10 cm)
Frame Type:
Fixed Front
Frame Material:
7000 Series Aluminum
User Weight Capacity:
Fixed Front: 240 lbs (109kg)
Hybrid: 300 lbs (136kg)
Swing-Away: 265 lbs (120kg)
Product Weight:

Fixed Front: as low as 19.4 lbs / 8.8kg (14.4 lbs / 6.5kg transport weight)
Hybrid: as low as 20.9 lbs / 9.5kg (16 lbs / 7.3kg transport weight)
Swing-Away: as low as 22.7 lbs / 10.3kg (17.7 lbs / 8kg transport weight)

Weights based on common size (16" x 16") and can vary based on wheelchair configuration and material tolerances. Weights subject to change without notice.

Warranty: 5 years on frame, 1 year on components
Country of Origin: USA

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.

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