Rifton Activity Chair Standard Base

Size: Standard R820 Small


Rifton Activity Chair option

One chair, many lives
Therapists everywhere tell us the Activity Chair is perfect for feeding, speech therapy, active learning and for clients with sensory processing challenges. Not only that; parents see what it can do for their child in the classroom and realize how much they need it at home, too.

The Activity Chair has revolutionized adaptive seating and continues to delight therapists with its versatility for people of all shapes and sizes, all conditions and special needs.

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rifton activity chair sewing
"Your Activity Chair provides incredible ease-of-use with all the reliability and durability that I’ve come to trust from Rifton. It gives children the ability to participate in age-appropriate sitting activities which increases self-confidence. All the secondary positioning components meet the demands of even the most involved diagnoses. It’s a great chair."

~ Jeremy Elliott, ATP/CRTS
Cumberland, Maryland~

The Benefits:
Tool free adjustments while client is in the Activity Chair.

Wide range of optional components available to create an adaptive chair providing customized active seating for your client – whether in early intervention, school, home, rehab or day hab – from the client with autism to one with more involved physical challenges such as cerebral palsy.

Standard base for regular classroom use and ideal for students with autism who need calming through self-generated motion (self-stimming).

A chair for everything
The Activity Chair’s tilt-in-space feature allows easy transitions between forward leaning for task participation and unimpeded interaction, and reclining for rest or a higher level of support.

All Rifton Activity Chairs have tilt-in-space.

Rifton Activity Chair tilt in space
Whether you choose the standard or hi/lo base, you’ll get Rifton’s quick-adjusting, tilt-in-space feature. The standard base tilts 15˚ forward and 15˚ back, while the hi/lo tilts 15˚ forward and 25˚ back.

Tilt-in-space is a valuable feature because it encourages sit-to-stand and offers a variety of resting positions. Best of all, our tilt-in-space can be activated while your client is in the chair.

Infinitely adjustable for every need

The favorite of feeding clinics
Rifton’s Activity Chair can be either a basic chair for a client who needs just a little support, or it can offer significant support for more involved individuals.

The hi/lo base allows the client to be fed in a quiet, individual setting or at the family dinner table. Because you can measure the angle of the tilt-in-space and backrest recline, home caregivers can exactly duplicate the angles recommended by therapists.
Each size of Activity Chair has so much growth potential that it will provide many years of service. And it is easy to clean – essential for a feeding chair. The tray clips on and off with one hand.

Quickly adjustable tilt-in-space during feeding is beneficial. Therapists may start out the session doing oral motor exercise with the client upright and then tilt back to reduce the need for trunk control. They can then adjust the headrest forward to keep the head in a neutral position.
All these features make it the ideal feeding chair


Activity Chair brochure

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