Rubber Threshold Ramp

DNR WheelsSKU: 65/6532

Height: 2.5" (6.5cm)


This Rubber Threshold Ramp is the ideal solution for making short rises up to 3" (7.6cm) high more accessible for individuals using wheelchairs, scooters, powerchairs, or walkers.

  • Manufactured from durable rubber
  • Loading capacity of 1000kg (2200 lbs.)
  • Slip-resistant grooved rubber surface for added traction in both wet and dry conditions
  • No assembly required
  • Rubber ramp beveled sideBeveled sides provide smooth transition from any side
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use

Rubber Threshold Ramp dimensionsRubber Threshold Ramp dimensions

Dimensions for 2" Height:
A: 2" (5cm)
B: 43" (110cm)
C: 15.7" (40cm)
D:  27" (69cm)
Weight: 12kg
Dimensions for 2.5" Height: A: 2.5" (6.5cm)
B: 43" (110cm)
C: 16.3" (41.5cm)
D:  21.7" (55cm)
Weight: 14kg
Dimensions for 3" Height: A: 3" (7.6cm)
B: 43" (110cm)
C: 18" (46cm)
D:  29" (73.7cm)
Weight: 15.8kg
Loading Capacity: 1000kg (2200 lbs.)
Material: Rubber

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