Sammons Preston Ankle/Wrist Weights 2 lbs. (White)



SP Catalog - 517002
  • Product Description

      Ankle and Wrist Cuff Weights
      Ideal for any exercise or physical therapy program, Sammons Preston Cuff Weights provide an excellent option for building muscle strength and increasing workout activity. To properly wear the cuff weights, users wrap the weights around their wrist and ankles and tighten them with a Velcro brand fastener and D-ring strap.

      Offers Enhanced Leverage Resistance
      The added weight to the wrist or ankle offers enhanced leverage resistance to the movement of the arms and legs. The cuff weights still allow individuals to move their arms and legs freely during exercises, creating a more effective workout. Lighter weights are recommended for a cardio workout. Heavier weights can be implemented to help strengthen the upper and lower body and burn more calories.

      Creates a More Effective Workout
      Wrist cuff weights help increase the size and tone of the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Ankle cuff weights help improve not only the leg muscles each time the legs are raised, but the overall strength of the core muscles. Filled with lead-free steel shots.
      Brand Sammons Preston
      Weight 2 lbs. (0.9kg)
      Color White