Sarah 5 Functions Bariatric Bed

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Staircase: No stairs


The most comfortable electric 5 functions bariatric bed with low floor to bed height for the user to get in or out of the bed easily. The bed can be adjusted to sitting position for the user to conduct daily life. 
We offer a wide range of hospital beds that offer enhanced ergonomics, comfort, safety and ease-of-use and promote effective risk management. 

5 Functions Bariatric Bed
1) Back recline function
2) Leg elevating function
3) High-low adjustable
4) Trendelenburg adjustable functions
5) Anti-Trendelenburg adjustable functions

• Robust and sturdy electric bariatric profiling bed for use in the community, nursing and residential care markets
• Low floor to bed height ranging from 31cm to 71.5cm
Sarah 5 Functions Bariatric Bed lowest
• Bed can be adjusted to sitting position (trendelenburg + back recline + leg elevating) for the user to conduct daily life. 
Sofia 5 Functions Wooden Bed sitting position
• Reverse-trendelenburg at an ideal angle can improve blood circulation
• 4 individual brake castors
• Attractive appearance with quality wooden head and foot boards
• Full-length integral side rails
• Easily lower the side rails by pressing the button on head and foot boards
• Mattress included

We truly care about the safety of our customers and therefore, we will provide a free personalized onsite training session during delivery.

Please note that there is an additional manpower fee of $80 for bringing the product up/down each flight of stairs.

Bed Plate Width:

47.2” (120cm)

Floor Clearance:

4.7” (12cm)

Bed Plate Length:

77” (196cm)

Side Rail Height:

20” (51cm)

Lowest Height:

12.2” (31cm)

Highest Height:

28.2” (71.5cm)



Weight Capacity:


Overall Width:

53.6” (136cm)

Overall Length:

85.6” (217.5cm)

Trendelenburg Angle:

0° to ± 25°

Back Recline Angle:


Leg Elevating Angle:



High Quality Carbon Steel

Country of Origin:



12 months for framework & hand control set;
12 months for actuators
*Against manufacturing defects; wear and tear not included.

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