Second Hand Economy Powerchair 14"


  • Product Description

      Second Hand Economy Powerchair 14" Seller: Kumar
      Contact: 90906155

      Item Condition: Used less than one month
      Price: Negotiable
      Product Description: 
      - Foldable and lightweight
      - High quality painted steel frame
      - Swing away footrests with calf straps and heel loops
      - Height adjustable armrests
      - Please note that photo is only for ilustration purpose only. Please get the actual product photos from seller.


      1. DNR Wheels will not involve in any transaction or arrangement between seller and buyer.
      2. Buyer has to contact the seller personally in order to purchase the second-hand equipment.
      Frame: High-quality steel frame / Gloss
      Seat Width: 14"
      Overall Height: 90cm
      Wheel-to-Wheel Width: 56cm
      Front Seat Height: 49cm
      Back Seat Height: 40cm
      Overall Length: 90cm
      Armrest: Height adjustable / Folding back armrest
      Upholstery: Black nylon
      Battery: 2 x 12V, 36Ah
      Motor: 2 x 320W, 4600 RPM 32:1
      Controller: P&G VSI 50A
      Charger: HP DC 24V, 4A
      Charging Time: 8 hrs
      Cruising Range: 18 km
      Weight capacity 136kg / 181kg (22")
      Max Driving Speed: 8.0 km (Forward), 4.0 km (Backward)
      Climbing Capability: 12 degrees
      Brake: Electromagnetic brake
      Brake Application: 140 cm
      Packing Size for Powerchair: 77 x 36 x 94 cm
      Weight Net Weight:  38.9 kg (w/o battery) approx.
      Battery Weight: 25.4 kg (x2)
      Packing Size for Battery (x2): 34 x 23 x 24.5 cm
      Originated Country: Taiwan