Sensory Express - Calming


  • Product Description

      The Calming Sensory Express has been designed to provide relaxation, calming and de-escalation. Ideal for most environments, the Sensory Express is a portable multisensory solution designed to fit through doorways so that it can be easily transported to wherever it is required. The Sensory Express is available in three attractive primary colours at no extra charge: blue, green or red, please state colour when ordering.   Includes: 1 x Sensory Express 1 x Calming LED Bubble Tube - 1m 1 x Calming LED Infinity Tunnel 2 x Calming LED Lightsource 1 x Fibre Optic Sideglow - 2m x 100 strands 1 x Fibre Optic Carpet - 1m x 1m 1 x Aurora LED Projector Bundle 1 x Aroma Diffuser 1 x Aroma Starter Kit 1 x Mirror Ball 1 x Spotlight 1 x Bluetooth-enabled Amplifier with Integral Speakers Dimensions: 550mm W x 1120mm L x 1400mm H