Stable Cane Tip

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The Stable Cane Tip is a unique add-on that can be fitted onto regular canes, providing the stability of a typical quad-cane yet at the same time avoiding the usual bulkiness of standard quad-canes.

If you are looking for a more flexible option with a smaller base, you can consider the Quad Cane Tip

- Comes with interchangeable connectors in 2 different sizes
- Offers greater stability and safety
- Compact size supports users when climbing steps
- Can be fitted in seconds
Fits on both regular and narrow canes:  0.75" (1.9 cm) or 0.62" (1.6 cm) diameter
Size of base 12 x 10 cm
Product height 6.5cm
Kc S.
Works perfectly well - I used it on a cane from another buyer, and the extra part provided fit just fine. Stable with a good grip

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