Bodypoint - Sub-ASIS Compatible Belts


  • Product Description

      Sub-ASIS compatible belts

      Greatly enhance stability, fit and comfort with a Sub-ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spine) compatible belt combined with our Synergel-filled sub-ASIS pads (sold separately). Essentially, these pads add a third dimension to flat belts. 

      Each compatible belt features a hook and loop material (similar to Velcro®) to which one or more interchangeable pads can be placed in any position, and easily moved or removed at any time.  Pads are available in two sizes. They fill anatomical gaps and prevent a belt from digging or or riding up, improving control of pelvic obliquity and rotation while minimizing abdominal pressure. 

      Note: if "D" below is shorter than the distance between possible mounting positions on the chair, a Belt Mounting Extension Kit (HKA12) will be required.