Sunrise Medical Quickie QM-7 Series


  • Product Description

      The Quickie QM-710 Series powered wheelchairs combine function, performance, reliability and luxury for a unique driving experience. Make your day-to-day a thrill with the QM710 Series SpiderTrac 2.0TM Suspension, reliable 4-pole motors, PG Drives electronics and our broadest offering of power seating options ever. The Quickie QM-710 Series will provide superior ride comfort over any terrain.

      SpiderTrac™ 2.0 Suspension System


      Make molehills out of mountains with the QM-7 Series' SpiderTrac 2.0 Suspension. For superior traction and handling, SpiderTrac 2.0 features independent movement of all six wheels. Optimised articulation of the front and rear wheels give the QM-7 Series the ability to crawl up and down steep obstacles while keeping you stable and comfortable. The new SpiderTrac 2.0 incorporates two additional performance springs that provide an even better intuitive response. These springs help all six wheels maintain increased contact with the ground when moving onto or off of ramps and curbs.

      SpiderTrac 2.0 simply must be experienced to be believed!

      NEW Electronics Options for Enhanced User Experience


      PG Drives Advanced Color Joystick - Operating the various functions of a power wheelchair has never been this convenient. This joystick includes a large, 3.5" color display for easy viewing, paddle switches that control on/off function and chair speed, a speaker for increased horn volume, and programmable shortcuts for custom control of other functions.

      Retractable Joystick Mount - Adjustable from -135° to +135°, the retractable joystick mount offers a comfortable driving position for users whose hands turn inward/outward, retracts inward for clearing tight spaces, and retracts outward to improve access to desks/tables.

      Ctrl+5 Toggles and Buttons - The Ctrl+5 allows for convenient access to 5 seating functions through either toggle switches or buttons, includes a USB port to charge mobile devices, and may be mounted in various locations including behind the back for use as an attendant control.

      Switch-It Dual Pro™ - The Dual Pro is a truly proportional head array with fine-tuned adjustments and customization to provide the user an easy-to-learn, precise, and intuitive driving experience. Visit the Dual Pro product page to learn more!


      New Power Centermount Legrest with 7.5" of Articulation


      Quickie's NEW Power Centermount Legrest offers an increased 7.5" range of articulation. This helps maintain comfortable positioning of the legs during elevation and keeps the knees from bending when elevated.

      With length adjustments that span from 3" to 19", the new Power Centermount Legrest provides the optimal fit for a wide range of user lower leg lengths. The left and right sides may be independently adjusted for a customized fit.

      The Power Centermount has the unique capability of extending the footplate all the way to the ground, creating a stable platform for easy transfers.

      Power Tilt, Recline and Elevate

      When it comes to power seating, the QM-7 has it all. Tilt, recline with shear reduction, elevating and articulating legrests position you for your best level of function. The QM- 7`s impressive 12" elevating seat gives you independence. Our unique Combi Tilt / Lift seat module allows for super low seat height achieving as low as 16".

      Power Shear Reduction

      Recline - All the benefits of Shear reduction and a Jay J3 Back. The integrated Jay J3 Back option offers easy attachment of your favourite Jay J3 Back and headrest.

      Seat Width: 12 - 22" (30.5 - 56 cm)
      Seat Height: as low as 16" (40.6 cm)
      Seat Depth: 12 - 22" (30.5 - 56 cm)
      Backrest Height: 14 - 28" (35.5 - 71 cm)
      Armrest Height: 7 - 16" (18 - 40.5 cm)
      Overall Width: 25" (63.5 cm)
      Overall Length: 36" (91.5 cm) without footrests
      Frame: Mid Wheel Drive
      Speed: 10 km/h
      Battery Size: Group 34's or 73 AH
      Max. Range: 25 km
      Seat Tilt: yes
      Back Recline: Power recline option
      Turning Radius: 20"
      Max. Safe Slope: 22°
      Max Kerb Climb: 3" (7.5 cm)
      Electronics: PG R-Net Expandable
      Max. User Weight: QM-710: 136 kg, QM-715 HD Model: 181 kg
      Colours: 12 shroud colours