Take Along Lift


  • Product Description

      • More dignified transfer lifts of patients in a very natural and comfortable way
      • Can be used inside as well as outside home
      • Very lightweight weighing only 46 pounds, designed to be taken along with you when going out
      • Very compact.  The lift's legs can be placed either straight ahead or spread apart for transfers or folded in for storage
      • It fits easily in the car trunk without disassembly and can be unfolded for use in seconds
      • Very manoeuvrable even in tight spaces due to its small footprint
      • Very little effort is required to turn the crank to lift a patient
      Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (136kg)
      Lift Weight: 46 lbs approx
      - may also be separated into two parts weighing under 25 lbs each
      Lift Size
          Legs Open:
          Legs Spread:

      25" wide, 13" deep, 37" tall
      25" wide, 30" deep, 37" tall
      39" wide, 30" deep, 37" tall
      Cranking Force: Less than 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
      Lifting Range
          Min Seat Height:
          Max Seat Height:

      12" approx
      32" approx

      Please Note:

      The Take-Along Lift (Portable Transfer Aid) is intended for transferring between sitting positions

      When transferring from/to surfaces without a back support, individuals should have sufficient upper body balance to support themselves in a sitting position prior to and after transfer.