Timber Backed Safe Mirror


  • Product Description

      The Timber Backed Safe Mirror is perfect for enhancing the effects of Bubble Tubes giving the illusion of multiple bubble tubes. The Safe Mirrors are wall mounted and are for use with our Bubble Tube or Fibre Optic Plinths. Creating a bouncing surrounding light effect with the Experia Timber Backed

      Place the Mirror behind your Bubble Tube to enhance its effect or place in key areas of the room to help users develop spatial awareness. Each mirror is Timber backed for strength and made from shatterproof acrylic and comes with a minimum of 6 mounting holes for quick safe installation

      The Mirror comes in 3 sizes to accommodate any Experia plinth. 

      Small 900mm W x 1200mm H 

      Medium 900mm W x 1500mm H 

      Large 1200 mm x 1200mm H

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