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Access communication through play
Magic Eye FX software is a fun way to begin your communication journey by developing access, communication, and interaction skills through creative play and gaming. It provides a safe and no-fail environment for early learners which makes learning these new skills exciting and stress-free. It also serves as an entry point for developing skills for eye gaze, speech, switch, touch, game controller, mouse, and keyboard inputs.

Magic Eye FX for eye tracking
Magic Eye FX gives ample opportunity to learn eye gaze through 10 fun games. The content and user interface are optimized for eye tracking with the new I-Series and PCEye devices, giving you the optimal experience.

Games include:

  • Follow Me
  • Color Trails
  • Flare Points
  • Button Balloons
  • Anticipation
  • Asteroids
  • Graffiti
  • Music Maker
  • Gaze Paint
  • Gaze Snake

Magic Eye FX activities are grouped into 5 levels of exploration with each level introducing a slightly more advanced mode of gaze interaction and game play.

Level 1
Screen Engagement - These activities allow you to explore cause and effect. When you look, something happens; when you look away, it stops!

Games include:
Follow Me

Follow Me is a cause and effect game created to enhance screen engagement. When you look at the screen, the eyes activate a stimulating pink particle effect that moves with your eyes and generates a relaxing sound. When you look away, the stimuli dissipates and the sound fades. Facilitators are able to control a second cursor and generate stimuli in different areas of the screen.

Color Trails
Color Trails is a game that creates a trail of blue orbs that spiral and morph to create stimulating visual patterns. The game is designed to promote screen engagement and benefits from sound activation on eye movement. Facilitators are able to control a second cursor and generate stimuli in different areas of the screen.

Level 2
Object Interaction - These games introduce some of the interaction methods of eye gaze such as dwell activation and targeting. You can explore how your gaze can trigger a response from the objects in the screen.

Games include:
Flare Points
Flare Points introduces object interaction with a vibrant gaze trail effect, sound on movement, and stimulating glowing orbs that appear in random positions on a dark background. The orbs explode on gaze interaction and produce an appealing musical phrase. Facilitators are able to control a second cursor and generate stimuli in different areas of the screen.

Button Balloons
Button Balloons is a stimulating game with several gaze responsive objects on the screen. Interact with dangling stars and clouds at the top of the screen and slow rising balloon targets that emerge from the bottom of the screen. The moving balloon targets encourage fixation and gaze shifting while the static clouds and stars offer an opportunity to improve accuracy and targeting skills. The game is set up for a single switch mode that interacts with multiple objects at once.

Level 3
Region Precision - These games stimulate visual attention by encouraging you to target specific areas of the screen and improve gaze control skills. Level 3 activities help to develop the targeting and attention skills necessary to achieve a robust calibration.

Games include:

Anticipation invites you to anticipate when and where the visual stimulus will appear next. A glowing sphere fades into the screen gradually then emits a visual shock wave effect as it comes into full view. Once the object has been activated by a dwell interaction, it grows to fill the full screen then disappears entirely, leaving a pause for you to anticipate its next move.

Rotating asteroid images fly in from the screen edges at varying speeds and sizes. This use of dynamic moving objects aims to develop smooth pursuit and fixation skills. Try increasing dwell times to change from a fast-paced targeting activity to a focused visual attention tracking game.

Level 4
Active Exploration - These activities are designed to promote exploration and play, encouraging engagement with a wider area of the screen.

Games include:
Get creative and spray paint with your eyes while interacting with objects and uncovering a few hidden surprises. The background wall is essentially a blank canvas in need of some stylish expression! Facilitators are able to control a second cursor and generate stimuli in different areas of the screen.

Music Maker
Explore dwell, shifting gaze, targeting, visual discrimination, and memory. Resembling a music sampling machine, the Music Maker has a variety of pads, buttons, and faders that each produce a stunning sound and visual effect on gaze. It provides an opportunity to explore and have fun, or for those more musically minded, the challenge of activating the sounds in time with the background track.

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