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The lightest power assist for Manual wheelchair in the world!
With a compact and 4.5kg device onto your wheelchair, feel comfortable like driving electric wheelchairs.

Travel the world with Todo-Drive.
The 0.9kg removable battery pack can be taken on the plane makes your journey lighter.

Be surprised with such a simple usage.
Power on, pull levers and control the joystick. If you want to handle manually, release the levers and push rims as you normally use.

Experience your wheelchair gets smarter.
What if you can steer your wheelchair with your smartphone?
Todo-Drive App provides you with its remote-control. You can even set up maximum speed and joystick sensitivity through the App.
Model TDV-V2.1
Cruising Range

Around 13km, Max 15km

(Depends on the weight and pattern of the user)


Max 6°

(Depends on the speed, the weight and the pattern of the user)

Speed 0.2 ~ 9km/h
Recommended Passenger Weight Max 80kg
Normal Motor Power  2 x 138W
Battery Type Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Usage Environment (**) Temperature: -10℃~60℃,
Humidity: Less than 85%RH
Battery Voltage 14.4V (Cell:3.6 x 4)
Charging Temperature 0℃~50℃
Storage Humidity  20~70%RH
Battery Capacity 10000mAh (Cell:2500x4), Min 9800mAh
Energy Capacity 144Wh
Battery Weight 0.99kg
Main Body Weight 0.42kg
Motor Weight 2 x 1.4kg
Total weight (***) 4.5kg
Communication Environment  Bluetooth 4.0(rated frequency: 2.4GHz)
Transmission Power approximately 1mW

Depending on occupant weight, usage patterns, road surface conditions, operating temperature, etc., 
the above may vary.
Low temperatures may lead to reduced battery life and degraded performance.
The above specifications may differ depending on the options selected at the time of purchase.

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