Touch Sensitive LED Bubble Tube


  • Product Description

      The Touch Sensitive LED Bubble Tube is an exciting variation of the traditional bubble tube.

      Slightly touch one of the 4 colors on the base of the tube and watch as the bubble tube changes colors.

      - Extremely sensitive, no pressure required
      - Ideal for individuals with poor or limited motor skills or hand-to-eye coordination
      - Great for developing color recognition, cause and effect, hand-to-eye coordination and gross and motor skills
      - Maintenance-free LED technology

      The Touch Sensitive Bubble Tube is perfect for a facility where there is an elevated risk of a wireless remote becoming damaged or lost - like in a Children's museum or a sensory room which is used by many different groups of people. Operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v outlet.

      You can also add an aquarium-like experience by adding our swimming fish to your purchase for a nominal amount.  This will add an engaging visual tracking workout to the bubble tube experience.

      Our Touch Sensitive LED Bubble Tube is available in heights of 40", 60" and 80". For tubes 60" and over we recommend the use of our bubble tube bracket to ensure stability.

      Adult supervision required. Ages 3+