Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat Positioner

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Size: Small


Used to Keep Children in an Upright Position
Originally developed for feeding, the Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat Positioner can be used for any short-term activity in the home, clinic or school as an alternative to a child’s wheelchair or stander. It is easy to place a child in and out of, encourages good basic positioning without complicated adjustments, and is lightweight for easy portability. Features shoulder harness slots to allow for 4 inches of vertical adjustment of the shoulder straps, accommodating children of different heights while providing comfort and maximum security.

Non-Toxic Seamless Cover Prevents Odors
The feeding chair is equipped with a 45º pelvic belt and quick-release H-belt to help maintain positioning while keeping the child or adolescent secure during use. The contoured interior has a 90º seat to back ratio, providing postural correct seating while in use. The antimicrobial protection works from within to help inhibit or prevent odors. It also prevents premature coating wear caused by harmful microorganism growth which can occur during normal usage conditions.

- Developed for feeding or short-term activity in a range of settings, the feeder seat positioner is a good alternative to a stander or wheelchair
- Features a shoulder harness with slots to allow vertical adjustment of the straps to accommodate various heights
- Designed to provide maximum comfort, encourage positive interaction, and is easy to move and position
- Non-toxic seamless covering is made to be washed and sanitized between uses and is odor, urine and stain-resistant
- Available in different sizes to accommodate infants through adolescents

Specifications  Small Medium Large
Height 53cm 68.5cm 86cm
Width 25.6cm 35.5cm 43cm
Fits Child Up to 91cm 122cm 152cm
Overall Height 53cm 68.5cm 86cm
Outside Width 26.5cm 35.5cm 43cm
Inside Depth 20cm 24cm 33cm
Inside Height 46cm 58.5cm 73cm
Wedge Wedge included Wedge included Wedge included

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