Tumbleforms Barrel Roll

RompaSKU: R030860



The Tumbleforms Barrel Roll is a barrel-shaped roll for vestibular training.
Position child on top of barrel and roll. By gently rocking the Tumbleforms Barrel Roll, the therapist can produce a rhythmic movement experience for the child.

The Barrel Roll has a soft outer shell for comfort with solid core support to prevent collapse. Child can use the barrel as a crawl tunnel for play therapy.

Tumbleforms Barrel Roll can be used to prepare people for equestrian therapy. Lateral movement and corresponding balance skills can be practiced and developed. You can elicit protection extension reflex, trunk equilibrium, or promote relaxation to decrease muscle tone.

In prone, the firm and steady linear movement can be achieved without hypersensitivity reactions. The foam construction dampens quick movements. The rigid core-liner holds the round shape under adult loads.

Tumbleforms Barrel Roll is made of molded foam with a soft, seamless body-fluid-resistant coating applied as an outer "upholstery".
Size 56 x 51cm
Internal diameter 30.5cm

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