Tumbleforms Universal Sidelyer

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Allows physically disabled children to lie comfortably on their right or left side for relaxation or group activities. Lightweight and brightly coloured with soft, seamless upholstery which is urine-proof and easy to clean.

Included are 2 soft, easy to use straps that allow an infinite number of adjustments.

Optional Support Block Module set provides a headrest and leg abduction. Suitable for children and adolescents.

Base - 107 x 58 cm
Width to backrest - 36 x 23 cm

How to measure Tumble Forms2 products
The information and diagrams below will assist you in measuring a user for Tumble Forms 2 products.

1. Trunk width
Trunk width should be measured across the torso a few inches below the axillae. Do not measure circumference.

2. Sitting Hip Width
Measure the outside width of the hips with the user in a sitting position.

3. Thigh Depth or Seat Depth
Measure laterally from the back of the users seat to the back of the knee

4. Lower Leg
Measure from under the leg, behind the knee to the sole of the foot.

5. Sitting Height
Measure from under the seat surface to the top of the users head.

6. Overall Height
Measure from the sole of the foot to the top of the head with the user in a standing position. This measurement may be overstated when the user is measured lying down.

Other considerations
1. Does the user need extra support when sitting?
You may want to add support by ordering a headrest, harness, vest or pelvic strap.

2. Do the users feet need to be secured?
You may want to secure the feet by ordering a footrest.

3. Is there room for growth?
Consider the overall height and weight of the user and evaluate the product for growth potential.
107 x 58 cm
Width to backrest 36 x 23 cm

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