Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator 5LPM


  • Product Description

      High intake position, cleaner air
      Big screen panel
      Remote control function
      Compartment for storage
      4 alarm system(Low flow alarm, power loss alarm, pressure cycle failure alarm, compressor failure alarm)
      Faulty self-detection system (pressure fault, system cycle fault, compressor fault, low flow defection fault)
      Comes with nebulizer function
      Humidifier bottle and cannula included
      Flow range: 0.5~5 L/min  
      Oxygen concentration: 95.5% ± 5
      Output pressure: 20~50 kPa (2.9 psi~7.25 psi)
      Input power: 230 V
      N.W.: 18.5 kg
      Operation noise level:  ≤52 dB(A)
      Dimension (HxWxD):

      64cm x 24cm x 49cm

      (25.2" x 9.4" x 19.3")

      Weight: 18.5 kg
      Warranty: 2 years