Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Brace and Support


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  • Product Description

       Stabilizes the ankle muscles and joints for injury healing and pain relief

      Bauerfeind’s® MalleoTrain ankle braces and supports are used to treat a sore ankle from an injury or surgery. It also relieves pain due to osteoarthritis and other health conditions.

      Support your ankle, relieve pain and reduce swelling
      The MalleoTrain ankle support reinforces the stability and strength of your ankle joint. With a special knit fabric that fits the natural shape of your ankle, the MalleoTrain brace delivers medical grade compression without hurting pressure points. It stabilizes the ankle and ligaments and improves circulation.

      Comfortable support
      With every movement you make, two soft pads become active, massaging the ankle joint. Cushioned pads support the inner and outer ankle bones to reduce swelling and provide even more stability. MalleoTrain supports are easy to put on, do not slip, and sit firmly and comfortably in position.

      Get back on your feet faster
      The MalleoTrain support helps you every step of the way, quickly allowing you to walk again without ankle pain.

      Bauerfeind MalleoTrain components

      01 Graduated compression - Compression gradually gets lighter towards the ends. Improves circulation and relieves muscle and joint soreness.

      02 Three-dimensional knit - Constructed to conform to the natural shape of the ankle so it fits snugly yet comfortably against your body and stimulates circulation.

      03 Contoured viscoelastic cushion - Soft pads behind each ankle bone helps to reduce pain and swelling.

      04 No rigid parts - Comfortable to wear and allows full range of motion.

      05 Breathable Train active knit - gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear

      06 Graduated compression - Compression gradually gets lighter towards the ends. Improves circulation and relieves muscle and joint soreness.

      Treatment of
      Slightly sprained ankle
      Mild instabilities
      Ankle arthritis
      Ankle pain
      Swelling of the ankle

      Tips for Healthy Feet
      You can find information here about how to keep your feet in top condition!
      How to Measure Bauerfeind MalleoTrain ankle support
      How to measure your ankle for a MalleoTrain ankle support? 
      Measure the circumference of your ankle at the narrowest point. 

      Bauerfeind MalleoTrain ankle support size

      Product Comparison
      Products MalleoTrain® MalleoTrain® S /
      S open heel
      Product Feature Relief and stabilization
      of the ankle
      Stabilization of the ankle
      joint thanks to functional
      strap system

      Ligament insufficiency/instability

      Mild / Moderate / Severe

      Mild Mild
      Irritation (post-traumatic /post-operative)
      Early functional treatment
      Non-surgical / post-operative treatment
      Rehabilitation / protection
      Relapse prevention
      Osteoarthritis / arthritis
      Can I wash it?
      Yes. All Bauerfeind supports are made with machine-washable materials. Here’s how to care for your brace: For products with Velcro® straps, pads or inserts, remove them if possible, or fasten them securely at the place provided on the brace. Machine wash your brace in cold water using the gentle or delicate cycle. Wash separately using laundry detergent with no additives (do not use fabric softener or Woolite). Lay your support flat and let it air dry; do not put it in the dryer. Proper washing and drying helps your knit support maintain elasticity and original fit.

      What if I’m between sizes? Should I purchase the smaller or larger size?
      Choose the larger size for gentler compression or the smaller size for firmer compression. When between sizes, the average person prefers the smaller size for a more secure fit, unless you are sensitive to compression. If you are unsure what size you need, contact our experts and we’ll be happy to help. Call 62544070 or click to chat live online.