Service and Maintenance

Professional Service

Service and maintenanceWe have a dedicated team of service technicians in our service centre with the skill and product knowledge to repair and service all the rehabilitative, assistive devices and home nursing equipment that DNR Wheels distribute and sell. If your equipment requires servicing or repairs, you can count on our technicians will get it back in tip top working condition. We only use the highest quality parts and accessories to ensure that your equipment is in peak working condition.
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What We Repair?

what we repair

Service and Maintenance
We service and repair all components of your equipment, including battery, motor, controller, wheels, etc. If your equipment is having any operational issue, we will assess and rectify it.

We recognize how important mobility independence is to our customers who rely on mechanical or power mobility aids. Please be assured that we provide prompt service to minimise any personal inconveniences.

Typically, servicing and repairs can be completed in just a couple of hours. Often, we can schedule a repair mere days after your initial contact. Rest assured that you would not be without your mobility equipment for long.

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Routine Preventive Care
As with any mechanical equipment, your personal mobility device requires periodical preventive maintenance service. As a distributor of good quality and reputative products, DNR adheres to manufacturers specifications that periodic preventive maintenance is conducted to keep their products in optimal operating condition and to help prevent any unexpected service or repair. Very much like a car, your equipment is made up of many moving components, all of which can fatigue over time and fail. By maintaining and replacing these components at regular intervals, you can extend the lifespan of your equipment and avoid unwanted failures.

Give your equipment the care that it deserves; after all, it is the very thing that provides you with your mobility and freedom.

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