Elbow Crutches (Pair)

DNR WheelsSKU: 10/7641

Size: Youth (Polished finish)


- Made of lightweight aluminium
- Double height adjustable (from cuff to handle, handle to base)
- Movable cuff support for comfort

Fitting Your Elbow Crutches / Forearm Crutches

Fitting for Elbow Crutches  Elbow Crutches parts

1. Stand with your arms relaxed by your side.
The handgrip of the crutches should align with your wrist joint when your arm is by your side. This should allow for your elbow to be slightly bent (about 30 degrees of flexion) when holding the handgrips.
2. The cuff of the crutches should be adjusted to 1-2" below the bend of the elbow.

     Youth Adult
    Minimum height floor to handle: 27” (68.6cm) 31” (78.7cm)
    Maximum height floor to handle: 36” (91.5cm) 40” (101.6cm)
    Minimum height handle to cuff: 9" (22.9cm) 10” (25.4cm)
    Maximum height handle to cuff: 12" (30.5cm) 13" (33cm)


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