Fresubin Renal 200ml (Pack of 4 Bottles)

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Packaging: Pack of 4 Bottles


Fresubin® Renal
- High-caloric (2.0 kcal/ml)
- Low in protein (6 energy % = 30 g/1000 ml)
- Micronutrient profile adapted tot he needs of renal patients
Low in phosphorus, sodium and potassium
Low in vitamin A and high in B-vitamins
- High quality milk protein
- Modified carbohydrate profile with isomaltulose and starch
- Excellent fat composition
With EPA and DHA from fish oil
High in MUFA (21 energy %)
25% of fat as easily absorbed MCT
- Suitable for tube and oral feeding
- With dietary fibre

Flavour: Vanilla

For predialysis patients with: Chronic or acute renal failure

Packaging: 4 x 200 ml EasyBottle

Recommended daily dosage​​:
For supplementary nutrition:​ ≥ 2–3 EasyBottles​ ≥ 800–1200 kcal
For complete nutrition​: ≥ 5 EasyBottles​ ≥ 2000 kcal​

Product Information:

Energy density​ 2.0 kcal/ml​
Energy distribution​
Protein​ 6 energy %​
Fat​ 40 energy %​
Carbohydrates 53 energy %​
Fibre 1 energy %​
Water 71 ml/100 ml​

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