Height Adjustable Seat Cane




- Anti-slip seat
Ergonomically crafted shape for extra comfort.
- Aluminium frame, anodized
- TPR hand grip
- Height adjustable
- Can be folded and used as a cane
- Foldable PP seat for easy storage and transportation

- Sturdy when used as a seat

Two modes of using seat cane:
1. When retracting the seat / board, it can be used as a walking stick to assist in walking. 
2. Open the seat / board, it can be used as a stool for the user to sit down and rest.

How to Use Seat Cane
How to Use Seat Cane

Correct posture when using seat cane
Correct Posture when using seat cane

Total Height:

80 - 94 cm (31.5" - 37")

Seat Height:

47.5 - 56 cm (18.7" - 22")

Seat Dimensions:

20 x 24.5 cm (7.8" x 9.6")

Weight Capacity:

100 kg

Country of Origin:


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