Manhattan II with LED Waterless Rainbow Tube

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Our ever popular Manhattan mobile unit has evolved into a modern, sleek, multi sensory masterpiece!
Movable from room to room, the Manhattan II is practical, versatile, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. With built in speakers.

The Manhattan II includes:
LED Waterless Rainbow Tube
Music System
Fibre optics and light source
8 colour Wirefree controller
Storage compartments
White unless another colour or a natural finish is specified. Wood. Please note the Mahattan II is not designed to be sat or stood on.
Wheel Rotator
An Effect Wheel
110v/240v mains operation (batteries not required)

Compatible Products

Wi Fi compatibility
This unit is Wi Fi compatible, and therefore will respond wirelessly to the following products:
• 18870, 20402 - Talking Cubes
• 19214 - Colour Changing Panel
• 19847, 21006 - 8 Colour Wirefree Controller
• 19939 - Wi Fi Interactive Mat Switch Set
• 21917 - Wi Fi Microphone by ROMPA®
• 21728 ROMPA® Wi Fi App Control Box
• 21918 Wi Fi Override Transmitter

1 x Manhattan II unit with a fixed in bubble tube, music player with a microphone iContents
1 x Manhattan II unit with a fixed in waterless tube, music player and speakers, light
source and fibre optics
1 x Projector (LED 100)
1 x 8 Colour Wirefree Controller (in the larger cupboard at the back)
1 x Microphone (in the larger cupboard at the back)
1 x Wheel Rotator (for the Projector)
1 x Effect Wheel (for the Projector)
1 x Remote control (batteries required) for the music player
1 x Mains lead (2.5m long kettle lead)
2 x sets of two keys (i.e. 2 key rings, each with 2 keys on)
1 x Allen key (4mm)
Size (WxDxH):  72cm x 78.5cm x 159cm
Colour: White Frame

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