STIMULITE Honeycomb Slimline Cushion

SupracorSKU: 55/SM1416

Size (Width x Depth): 14"x16"


The perfect cushion for active people and those who are at lower risk for decubitus ulcers, the ventilated, 2-3/4-inch thick, double layered Stimulite Slimline cushion is designed with a low profile and weighs only 3 pounds.

Adductors, an abductor and a rear dish form a subtle contour for optimal comfort and support.

Machine washable.

Maceration Resistance

Skin maceration is softening of the skin as a result of continual exposure to heat and bodily fluids or moisture. Severely softened or macerated skin is less tolerant of pressure and can lead to break down. Stimulite® honeycomb is perforated, enabling air to circulate and moisture to evaporate which helps maintain skin integrity and keep the body at ambient temperature. All of our Stimulite products are machine washable and dryer safe, making it easy to maintain good skin hygiene.

Pressure Relief plus Positioning

Honeycomb's cellular structure provides uniform load distribution and extraordinary comfort. Stimulite honeycomb relieves pressure by distributing it away from hot spots. As a result, bony protuberances "feel" the same pressure as the surrounding anatomy. The honeycomb cells conform to body shape and distribute weight over a much wider area than conventional products comprised of foam, gel and air. Additionally, Stimulite honeycomb stabilizes any position due to the axial buttressing of the honeycomb cell walls perpendicular to the anatomy. As an added health benefit, the honeycomb cells flex and compress with movement, stimulating blood flow to enhance circulation.

Shear Force Reduction

The horizontal stiffness of a material determines both its shear resistance and stability. Too much stiffness increases shear forces, while too little decreases stability. Stimulite honeycomb minimizes shearing without sacrificing stability. The honeycomb cells align themselves axially to the body, flex with movement to reduce shear forces against the skin and then instantaneously resume their original shape.

2-3/4" thick

3 lbs. (1.36kg)

machine washable; dryer safe

non-standard sizes include 14" to 18", 19" to 20"; additional sizes and special cuts available.

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